My name is Judith. I’m a Dutch photographer, born in 1988.
I love life. I love nature and wildlife. I love coffee. I love connecting with people and most of all: I’m crazy about capturing stories and beauty.

I love exploring, finding beauty in new places. Big landscapes, wildlife and details. My personal favorites? Arctic areas of Norway, the Alps and my ‘backyard’, the Veluwe.

Apart from the nature photography, you find some series of portraits on this website I made while on the road for ‘Hope to Europe’. (www.hopetoeurope.com)
My vision is to communicate to people who are living in (social) injustice something of their value and beauty, by spending time with them and taking their (family)portraits. I know it doesn’t change the world, but may it be a little seed of Hope and Love in their lives. (As I’m very blessed being a field-worker for Hope to Europe, you can find my vision on their website. Feel free to check it out.)

If you’d like to see more of my wedding and lifestyle photography, have a look at my (Dutch) website: www.jcnfotografie.nl
Off course I love to travel, also for weddings, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re interested in having me as your wedding photographer.

Hope you enjoy my work!


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