One of the things Judith loves to do is share her experience with people who love photography. There are plenty of options for workshops, feel free to contact and we can create a workshop based on your experience and the things you want to learn.

Workshops are often in small groups (3-4) or individual.

Possibilities are:

  • Basics of photography (Learning about lightning, composition.)
  • Basics of editing with Lightroom
  • Portrait photography
  • Landscape & Wildlife / Travel Photography

Investment: (Based on workshops close to Ede, Netherlands)

  • Basic group workshops, 3,5 hours
  • Extended group workshop, 7 hours, incl. lunch
  • Individual, 3,5 hours
  • Individual, 7 hours, including lunch,

125 euro pp
165 euro pp
175 euro pp
245 euro pp

Please note Judith is also available to give presentations, guest lessions in photography etc. She is experienced in teaching children (age 4-12). She also teached photography at the university for applied sciences at her hometown.